A Day with Dad

One of my favorite pass times is hiking.  I love it and love it even more when I get to take Bug and hike with my Dad.   My last hike with Christmas Eve when the Superhero & I found out we were expecting our new bundle of joy, Reagan.  Combined missing hiking and missing spending Saturday mornings with my Dad (Saturday mornings are our chosen time to hike), Dad and I decided we’d take a day and just hang out together.  This will probably go down as one of my favorite days.


After dropping off my car for an oil change, we started out with Breakfast at Larry’s in Springfield.  Larry’s is the kind of place where you can eat great comfort food, see 10 people you know and talk to the waitress like she’s part of the family.


Next we headed to Radnor Lake to check out the damage from the flood.  Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as we feared.  We trekked around and took a nice stroller, no real hiking, but just enough to be able to see and appreciate just how awesome this park.  I never leave this place without feeling so thankful that it is close, within an hour drive, and very well taken care of.  If you are looking for a cause to champion (besides Robertson County Reads) Friends of Radnor Lake is a great group that exists to support, maintain and keep Radnor Lake great.


The next part of the day was to venture over to REI!  Dad and I can’t stop by Radnor Lake without going to REI.  It is by far my favorite place to shop.  And it was nice just to stroll around.  Growing up, we spent all of our family vacations camping and we typically stopped at an outdoor store.  Back then they were all family owned stores and we’d spend what felt like hours there.  I wish I could go back and relive those vacations and treks on cool hiking trails and outdoor stores, I wasn’t as impressed with those vacations as I am today.  But I’m so thankful that my Dad exposed me to the outdoors and I’m looking forward to spending the our family vacations at some of the same camping spots.


I also found my new jogging stroller!  But will wait to purchase it until REI has one of their famous 20% off sales!  This stroller is great and I’m sure Amelia, Reagan and I will log a ton of miles with it!

Dad and I finished the day with ice cream for lunch and then attending our Springfield Lions Club meeting that evening.

Thanks again Dad for a great day out!

4 Comments on “A Day with Dad

  1. It is awesome that your dad and you can spend days like that together. A dad is truly a special thing in a girl/womans life. Mine passed away when I was 13 and many times I have wondered how things would be different if he were still here. Enjoy your Dad and let R make great memories with A! Love that he bought her girly items at Walmart, so sweet!

    Is that a B.O.B stroller? If so my good friend has the single jogger and LOVES it. She is a serious jogger and uses it non-stop. I would love to get one and love to jog but too many surgeries…with too many things removed might cause bad things to happen!

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