Big Papaw – A Reflection of Sorts


I’m not a person who lives in the past.  I rarely cry at funerals, I’m not really sad when Christians die and I’m not apologizing, just stating facts.  I understand that Heaven is a much better place than here on earth.
Sometimes I get sad when thinking about people that I love who have gone on to that reward (Heaven).  When my Papaw Taylor passed away I was told it was selfish to cry, because he was in a better place and that has always stuck with me.
Last week, I was in a meeting and there was a man also in the meeting who reminded me of my Big Papaw Cox.  It brought up emotions that made me sad, selfishly, I guess.  It made me wonder what it would have been like to have seen him at work.  The guy in this meeting was tall and built just like him and looked just like I expected he looked when he was in his 50s and this guy was SMART.  I know my Big Papaw was smart, too.  I bet he was a crackerjack at work.
Here’s a picture of my Big Papaw with my Mamaw and me and my sisters (it was taken quite a while ago) and the frame is special, too.  My sister, Deidre, gave this to me for a wedding present over 10 years ago.  This sweet picture always makes me smile.

2 Comments on “Big Papaw – A Reflection of Sorts

  1. Love the post and your reflections on Papaw. And, Yes he was a great worker and quite the cut-up. And, I miss him and all those other wonderful people who have gone before… (old Baptist term).

  2. I always wish I was able to have current conversations with him. To hear his wisdom and to hear the same stories again. Nice remberance sis.

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