Life is a Blur

IMAG0076I love this picture. The blur is Bug and she is lining up all my shoes that are in the kitchen and not put away.

In a blur is typically how you see her. She rarely stops, but when she does, she is finally and (thankfully) lands pretty hard and sleeps (finally) through the night.

Most days, I find that she is a little clone of me, but she did something a few days ago that was purely her Daddy.  She lined up all my shoes (that weren’t put away) and then told me, “too many”.

Of course she was right and I did put my shoes away shortly after I took this picture.

This picture also got me thinking about how fast the last two years have gone and even before that, just how fast life goes.  I’m keeping this picture handy to remind myself of just how fast time goes and to slow down and enjoy every moment, even when I’m being scolded by a 2 year old for having too many pairs of shoes in the kitchen.

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