Sometimes All You Need Are New Shoes

Bug loves to walk around in my shoes, especially my flip-flops. Fast forward to my shopping trip to Target to get diapers, etc. I always walk through the shoes and I saw the cute Bug sized flip-flops! Reminded of a conversation I had with a friend of mine from church about a wild dress that Bug was wearing and how I should dress Bug for her personalilty and not mine… I bought the shoes!


I brought them home and Bug LOVED them! She can wear them and even run in them and keep them on. I kinda got tickled because she got them the day after our cousin put eye make up on her….I think my little toddler is turning into all girl!


6 thoughts on “Sometimes All You Need Are New Shoes

  1. What a sweet story! reminds me of when i was a kid and would walk around in mom’s shoes, jewelry, etc. her fave was when i’d wear her sunglasses!

    also, i love the title of this post. totally my motto in life 🙂

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