Yes that was me….

Yes that was me this  who:

  • had a toddler up coughing until 1am this morning and who slept with her sitting straight up so she would quit coughing and am exhausted.
  • had a screaming toddler in the car on the way to daycare this morning.
  • had a toddler telling me (actually shouting) “no daddy bye, bye, and no momma”.
  • had a toddler clinging for dear life as we walked into daycare
  • had a toddler who said, “no ma’am, I don’t want Miss Amy” to her school teach Miss Amy.
  • left the secret back was out of daycare to avoid all the other children and parents at daycare.
  • cried the ENTIRE way to work this morning.
  • was thankful to have an hour commute so I could cry in the comfort of my own car.
  • wished I had more makeup to put on this morning when I got to work because I looked like I had cried the entire way to work.
  • was thankful to see a the world’s best security guard this morning, because he always greets everyone so nicely.
  • was thankful to have a new CD to listen to on the way to work.
  • was grateful to be able to park in my boss’s parking spot in the cool of the building instead of parking 1/2 mile away and walking in the heat or waiting for the shuttle.
  • was grateful for my new coffee brewed from my new coffee maker.
  • enjoyed a nice lunch with a friend who I don’t get to spend enough time with.
  • am  EXTREMELY thankful that my superhero husband changed his work plans so he will be home tonight, instead of being gone.

2 thoughts on “Yes that was me….

  1. I cried for you this morning.
    I wanted to leave work and pick up your little punk.
    I stayed at work and felt like a heal
    Am rejoicing now that “daddy” will be home later.
    love you

  2. I am so sorry you have had such a trying time, glad Super is home! These days are the ones we remember so that the others are so precious. Love you!

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