Sometimes You Just Need a Laugh (at yourself)

Thursday was a tough day.  Lack of sleep, emotional day and a major dose of Mommy Guilt had me feeling pretty blue.

That morning I had dropped off Bug at daycare, heard her crying when I left, raced to the concrete jungle (Nashville), attending a conference call on the way into work, attending many meetings during work, and left work late to get Bug.

It was a big night because it was the last night of Vacation Bible School.  Earlier in the week, I had tried to get Bug at daycare, go home, cook and then go to VBS, but by Thursday I had resigned myself to the fact that we were going to need to just go by a drive-through and grab a quick supper (actually that was plan B, plan A was to meet my sister and Mom for supper, leaving late knocked us out of that).

After walking into daycare with minutes to spare before the 6pm deadline (if you get to daycare after 6pm it is a $1 per minute after 6pm and honestly, who really wants their precious child at daycare longer than necessary), decided the best food choice was Sonic, it was close and I could sit in the back with Bug while we ate our supper.

I ordered, still feeling pretty crummy because I was feeding her a hot dog and apple slices instead of something home cooked.  Once our food arrived, I hopped in the back, sat beside her as I dished out our food and we watched a few minutes of the Fox and the Hound.  As we were chowing down on food, I thought you know just a few minutes of downtime makes the crazy drive home worth it.  Thinking I was feeling much more relaxed and knowing it was time to get to VBS, I mindlessly tried to open the door…..then realized the child locks were on!  Seven months pregnant doesn’t offer the ability to crawl through the car to the front and I soon realized I was trapped and then I LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY!

Thankfully, I had left the car running (because it was so hot outside) and could roll down the window and ask the woman two spots down to open the door.  All the self-pity I had felt earlier melted away and we traveled to VBS,  me feeling much more relaxed.

Thankful we went, because had we not, we would have missed out on Bug riding a Tractor (see picture below), eating homemade ice-cream, Bug riding in a train, me helping with crafts (please don’t laugh, I know I’m not crafty, but I really enjoyed it) and enjoying a great time of fellowship with our dear church family.


2 Comments on “Sometimes You Just Need a Laugh (at yourself)

  1. A classic moment, and one that will be re-told countless times. Glad the “moment” settled the “crazy” of the day. Bug is precious on the tractor and I’m so thankful you enjoyed the VBS, crafts and all!

  2. that tractor ride is all kinds of intense. Love that you found the humor. Sometimes God does say HA.

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