Dear Angry Driver

 This is an open letter to the guy this morning behind me who had road rage.  This post is open because sometimes I need to read this letter, because sometimes I’m “that” driver.  But mostly it’s open because the way this guy drove was just dangerous and I want all to read it.  Also, I’m writing this more than twelve hours after the occurence, so this is not just some angry blogger, but rather a concerned mom.   

Dear Angry Driver,

Yes, I saw you this morning. 

Even though I pulled out in front of you and made you mad, I had plenty of time and did not cause you to slow down.  Yes, I did realize that you sped up and rode my tail for over 5 miles, but that didn’t cause me to do anything, other than question your sanity and wonder what caused you to drive like that.  

Do you realize your aggressive driving not only endangered you, but also my 2-year-old daughter in the car, myself and my unborn child?  The worst part about it, I recognized you and know you pretty well.  I know where you work and that your job deals with safety (ironic, eh?) and that you have a child close to my age, just a year older, in fact our kids go to the same daycare. 

I wonder what you would have done in my place this morning.  I prayed for you, your safety and for God to soften your heart while driving.

Stay safe.



2 thoughts on “Dear Angry Driver

  1. Well said, and a very good reminder that our actions can cause reactions. Let’s all pray that our actions, including driving, testify to our character.

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