Music on the Square

Saturday night we went to the Kickoff for Summer event on the Square in Springfield. It was a great time where Steve Jarrell (Daddy-o) and Sons of the Beach played Beach Music for a few hours.  This is an annual event in Robertson County and is sponsored by many local businesses and is free for the community.  There’s typically a charity that is there to receive donations, this time it was for one of my favorite charities –  Robertson County Reads!  Robertson County Reads is our Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program for the children in the county.  This program sends books to children from birth to 5 years old.  You can support the program by visiting this website and donating on-line and to support a child only costs $15 per year!

My Bug enjoyed the music, company (my sister, my mother-in-law, and her mom) and all the many friends we saw.  Here’s a picture of my sweet 2 year old dancing her self to exhaustion!  🙂

If you weren’t able to go, plan on going next year and check out Robertson County Reads – you can make a donation anytime!

Asthma, Memories of the Screaming Delta Demon, the Eye and a Goodbye

This past week has been blurry of emotions.

Asthma: Sunday night Bug had a horrible fit with her asthma, worst yet. But she is better now and I am armed with a truck load of books on childhood asthma. If you have any tips on dealing with childhood asthma, please leave me a comment.

Memories of the Screaming Delta Demon: Monday Bug received a big present, a skuut! This is a really cool scooter designed for 2-5 year olds, a present from her Papaw. The skuut is for normal height children, not the child who take after me and is very short. All were disappointed that she wasn’t able to ride it yet, which made me remember an event that happened 20+ year ago. There was a ride at Opryland called the Screaming Delta Demon that opened when I was too short to ride it. My dad piled my hair on top of my head, put his hat on me and we waited for me to be measured to see if I was tall enough…I was not. Dad rode with my aunts, uncles and cousins, I waited and cried. That moment reminds me to keep my chin up and not cry over things outside my control. I rode that ride the next year and years following.

Here’s a short video of her riding her skuut with her Aunt Deidre Bell pushing her.

The eye: Thursday I received the call every mom dreads. “Mrs. Brown, you child has had an accident.” It was not a serious accident, but Bug encountered a Sippy cup launched at her by another child in her class. She ended up with a corneal abrasion, thankfully a minor one.

The Goodbye: Friday was Bug’s last day in the one year old class.  This was very bittersweet.  We LOVED her one year old teachers and they really loved her.  She made lots of friends, some who will be going to the same 2 year old class and others who will be going to a different class (like her best friend).  We are excited because the 2 year old class is also the potty training class!  🙂

Book Review: The Last Christian

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe meets the Matrix is how I would describe this book. It’s captivating, intriguing, thought provoking and nicely written.

Captivating – If you could live forever on Earth, would you? That’s the basic premise of the book, which is set in 2088.

Intriguing – Fictional story of characters who I grew to admire and like.  A missionary from the jungle receives a 16 year old message that tells her she is suppose to convert the world back to Christianity, which had been semi-outlawed in the United States, because when you spoke about it it did not allow for you to believe in other religions. 

Thought provoking – Some of the ideas presented in the book aren’t that different from what is happening in today’s medical society.  In this book, ways of regenerating every part of your body, including the brain had been discovered.  What happened when your brain was replaced, well, I’ll leave that for you to read.

Nicely written – Not too long, not too short. Nice story and fast paced, easy to pick of the book and lose yourself in it!

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group

Book Review: The Voice of Psalms

I wanted to like this book, but I just didn’t.  It’s not written in a way that I could appreciate, but I’m also not a poetry lover.  I was hoping for more of a study guide for Psalms, because once again, not being a poetry lover, Psalms is hard for me to relate to!  I’m more of James, Matthew or Proverbs kinda Christian, just tell me exactly what I need to do!

Technically I was looking for a study guide that would take each  chapter and give commentary, this book does not do that.  It may have a commentary on one chapter, then skip three or four chapters and then give more commentary.  The pros are that you can carry this book with you and have a book of Psalms, which nice.  I was just longing for more explanation of the lyrically written Psalms.

I have several friends that would (I think) love this book, they are excellent writers and poetry thinkers, which is what is needed to appreciate this book.

Technically the book starts out with reading plans which are very helpful.  These plans include a reading plan for Lent, Advent, and Forty Day Reading Plans.

I’m not ruling out all “Voice” books, there’s a Voice of Matthew book and Voice of Hebrews that I might check out.

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Lesson Learned Today

What is really important in life?  Is it being on time, being right, or being happy?  Today for me it was witnessing something so sweet and so pure and had I been on time I would have missed it. Let me explain.

This morning I had to drop of Bug at daycare, not my favorite thing to do, but I’m getting better at it.  I prefer to pick her up at the end of the day when she’s super happy to see me.  It’s been a tough week, one more even more difficult by little sleep, too many activities and not enough rest.  I work up this morning a little angry that I had to get up earlier than normal on top of a busy day.  I should have been happy that I have a beautiful baby to take to daycare and a wonderful husband that works very hard, but that’s not where I was at this morning.  Despite being grumpy, Bug and I had a great morning at home and got to daycare just a little later than I would have liked due to me trying to fit in too many activities before leaving the house (loading the dishwasher, sorting laundry, packing my lunch, folding laundry, paying bills, checking email, etc).

We walked into daycare (later than I had planned) and were met Bug’s best little friend, “E”, and her Mom. E is typically very shy, but not this morning.  She ran up to Bug and promptly showed off her new glasses.  E has been running into objects and the eye doctor determined that her right eye was not functioning correctly and she needed glasses (at 2 years of age) to correct it.  E’s sweet Mom said that she had just gotten the glasses the night before and for the first time, E had sat down to watch TV, an entire Elmo movie!

After seeing this sweet exchange between two little daycare friends and thinking that precious child could just now see well for the first time, I cried in my car and not the pretty cry either, it was a sobbing cry from the bottom of my soul.  Tears of joy!

Today, I ‘m thankful I was late because it showed me what is really important in life.

Book Review: Life Inspite of Me

 I don’t even know where to begin.  This book captivated me.  Thinking I’d read a few pages , 60 pages later, I was still reading and didn’t want to put the book down!  My reading style (and probably life style) is pretty planned, I dedicate a certain amount of time each day to reading, this book blew my time budget out of the water – I just took this book with me everywhere and literally could not put it down.  I was mesmerized by the frankness of Kristen Jane Anderson’s confessions and her life story!

Her story starts with her attempted suicide, tough to read, but made even more real by the unadulterated honesty of her story.  But this book isn’t just about the suicide attempt or a book about how it can all be made easier by a few easy steps.  This book chronicles her life, with the events that led up to the suicide attempt and her life afterwards.  Never does she allude that what she went through was easy to get to where she is today, but it was rather life, in spite of her. 

Please take a moment to check out the video trailer for the book. 

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group

Dear Angry Driver

 This is an open letter to the guy this morning behind me who had road rage.  This post is open because sometimes I need to read this letter, because sometimes I’m “that” driver.  But mostly it’s open because the way this guy drove was just dangerous and I want all to read it.  Also, I’m writing this more than twelve hours after the occurence, so this is not just some angry blogger, but rather a concerned mom.   

Dear Angry Driver,

Yes, I saw you this morning. 

Even though I pulled out in front of you and made you mad, I had plenty of time and did not cause you to slow down.  Yes, I did realize that you sped up and rode my tail for over 5 miles, but that didn’t cause me to do anything, other than question your sanity and wonder what caused you to drive like that.  

Do you realize your aggressive driving not only endangered you, but also my 2-year-old daughter in the car, myself and my unborn child?  The worst part about it, I recognized you and know you pretty well.  I know where you work and that your job deals with safety (ironic, eh?) and that you have a child close to my age, just a year older, in fact our kids go to the same daycare. 

I wonder what you would have done in my place this morning.  I prayed for you, your safety and for God to soften your heart while driving.

Stay safe.