Things Heard Around the Brown House

I’m constantly amazed at my almost two year old’s vocabulary.  Here’s a few things heard around the Brown House:

  • “hahahahaha” – Said before we got home at her Aunt Dani.  Not sure why she wouldn’t talk to her, then laughed at her Aunt Dani uncontrollably, but I’m sure they friendship will be one full of this kind of energy.
  • “Pretty” – Said when she touched my face, I’m sure because I say this to her when I touch hers, still made me tear up.
  • “I like it” – This is Bug’s new phrase.  She has said this no less than 30 times tonight.
  • “I kiss it, all better” – Said after Bug kicked me in the face, then proceeded to kiss my cheek and tell me it was all better.  Amazingly, it was!
  • “No, No!” – Said after she took one bite of the horrible pancakes I made tonight.


One Comment on “Things Heard Around the Brown House

  1. I think your daughter was mocking me. I can’t wait til she and I can really have fun. it’s gonna be classic.

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