Different Post Than Anticipated

This post is completely different from what I had originally planned.  Saturday Bug was scheduled to do two things, get her first haircut and go play with her friend at Monkeyjoes. This post should have been pictures of her cute new hair cut and her plan date, then life happened.  Rewind a couple of days ago….

Thursday daycare sent a note home unlike one we had received before. It basically said Bug had a horrible day, was not nice to the teachers or her friends. Super picked her up that afternoon and noticed her left ear draining, which is a sure tell sign that she has an ear infection.  Friday, Bug woke up with a raging ear infection, after lots of love and a call to the ENT we had ear drops and a game plan.  Saturday morning Bug woke up the house at 4am in a way that I hope ever happens again…I’ll spare you the drama, but it was horrible.  She was extremely sick and stayed that way all day. 


Saturday ended with a sweet Bug who barely got out of my or Superhero’s lap.  Sunday was better, we all went to church and even got in a walk on the greenway!  Sunday late afternoon wasn’t so good, Bug was sick again.  Sunday night I fretted (why worry if you pray and why pray if you worry) ask friends for prayers and put my precious baby to bed not feeling well. 


Monday came and Super stayed home with her.  All this to say that since Saturday, Bug has probably only eat / drank enough for 1 “good” normal meal, but at least tonight she was starting to show some signs of the famous Bug personality that makes me smile.

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