Thankful: It Won’t Be Like This for Long

This week of thankful posts are sharing songs that move me each time I hear them.

I’ve blogged about this before, but this song should be plastered at every new parent’s house.  I’m thankful for this because it makes me pause each time I hear it because it really won’t be like this for long.

2 Comments on “Thankful: It Won’t Be Like This for Long

  1. I cry at this song everytime. Have you heard the Zack Brown Bands song “Highway 20”. It is about a Dad who visits his child every other weekend b/c of a divorce. That one makes me cry since I come from a broken home (as they say) and I really hope I don’t make a broken home for Avery one day.

  2. Awww, I remember playing this song for you and pops one night. we listened to it in the dining room.
    Kristin – I CRIED when I heard that song by ZB Band, our parents divorced when we were young but we were really lucky. Of course it wasn’t all roses, but I feel as though we were put first.

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