315,569,260 seconds ago


10 Years ago today, the Superhero and I got married.

In the past 10 years or in the past 315, 569, 260 seconds we’ve:

  • bought 2 houses, sold 1
  • bought a brand new car (and drove it until the wheels feel off, almost literally – it broke down on the way to trade it in)
  • bought 4 used cars (Escape, Bronco, Ranger and F-150) and sold several (still wish we had the Bronco, it was big and old and my favorite)
  • bought 2 tractors, sold 1
  • bought 2 motorcycles, sold 1 (wrecked one…..mine!)
  • traveled to Las Vegas, Chattanooga, Gatlinburg (several times), Nashville IN, Cincinnati, Orlando, Mexico, Manhattan, Wilmington NC, Gulf Shores AL, and the Bahamas (on a cruise)
  • got a dog, she’ll be 10 in March
  • decorated a nursery for our sweet baby girl (Super even bought lady bug curtain roads for the room!)
  • became parents (this was the single biggest change in our married life, positive change)
  • started a college fund for our sweet baby girl
  • started saving for retirement
  • Super completed his Associates Degree at Nashville Tech
  • I completed my M. B. A. at Belmont University
  • Super changed jobs twice
  • I changed jobs 4 times
  • lost 3 grandparents and 1 step-parent
  • bought and sold a camper
  • hiked Mt. LeConte several times
  • Watched 10 Superbowls & Watched 10 College National Championships (UT Played in none these, maybe the next 10 years will be better)
  • attended 7 UT football games in Knoxville
  • attended 1 men’s UT basketball game in Knoxville
  • attended numerous Sounds Games
  • attended 1 Belmont Basketball game
  • attended a Cincinnati Reds Baseball Game
  • Attended church  over 1500 times (Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night)

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past 315 million seconds and we plan to accomplish much more as a couple in the next 315 million seconds.

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