Thankful: Burdett’s Tea Shoppe

This week’s collection of posts are dedicated to my hometown, Springfield, TN and the things that make it great.

Yesterday, I mentioned that The Depot was my favorite restaurant in Springfield.  With that being said, Burdett’s is my favorite second place (almost first) to eat.  Burdett’s is my go to choice to take people new to Springfield.  I’m proud that we have such a great and unique place to eat in this wonderful small town.

Burdett’s is nostalgic to me.  In December they stay open late on Thursday nights (all of downtown Springfield does, for those that can’t shop during the day) and serves a soup buffett that is out of this world good.

Today, I’m thankful for such a neat place in Springfield.  What are you thankful for today?

3 thoughts on “Thankful: Burdett’s Tea Shoppe

  1. Donita has taken me to Burdett’s a couple of times and I love it as well. In fact I think it is time to go back.

  2. It IS time to go back! I love B’s. Whenever I go in, besides enjoying the company I love the decor and all the cute whimsy.

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