And God Laughed…

Do you believe that God has a sense of humor? I do.

I started this week, on Sunday with a time budget. I was feeling overwhelmed and thought I would use a tactic I read about in “The Myth of Multi-Tasking” (Amazon affiliate link) called a time budget, it works the same way as a financial budget where you spend all your time on paper before the week begins. I did this and was excited because I had blocked out chunks of time to do cool stuff…..then life happened, or as I like to think, God laughed and said, “ha, you can’t do this without me!”  He was right.

I now have a toddler at home for at least two days, maybe more with pneumonia and needless to say my time budget has been deleted from my hard-drive and I know what must happen this week will and that which isn’t important just won’t.

Next time I will start my week hand and hand in prayer with God instead of smugly thinking I can do it all by myself.

2 Comments on “And God Laughed…

  1. I think God has a wicked sense of humor. Sometimes he sits back and goes “oh yea… well watch this” love your silver lining attitude though.

    • Yes! Definitely a wicked sense of humor….there is a silver lining in almost every situation. This one was a nice wake up call for me.

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