What Should This Blog Be?

I’m struggling with this blog.  It was started as a way for me to share stories and pictures of my sweet Bug.  Then it transitioned to a Thankful blog where I shared something each day that I was thankful for, most with a Bug slant (either a picture of Bug or something that had to do with what she was doing).  As a read other blogs there are some that are whitty, some that are real, some that share awesome pictures about a cool place, and others that inspire

I’m asking you, my blog readers, what you like more to read.  Please vote below.


5 thoughts on “What Should This Blog Be?

  1. I love all your observations, sharing of books & information, and those marvelous opportunities to share your life with “Super” and “Bug.” Whatever you choose to share is a blessing to me!

  2. I know what you mean…I used to think about this a lot…overthink it actually…then I just decided to write about whatever the heck I wanted to at that particular moment…whether it be about kiddo, family, what i’m thinking, my crazy brain, etc…my advice is to just use it as an outlet for YOU and don’t pigeonhole yourself…be FREE and FLY my friend!!!! (yeah, i’m crazy, I know).

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