Music City Bowl

This week’s postings are devoted to the Christmas Season….since Christmas isn’t just a day, but a series of days to be enjoyed with family, I’m spending the week after Christmas re-living our Christmas events. Hope you enjoy!



Today I’m thankful for the Music City Bowl (even if the SEC lost). This is one more item marked off the old bucket list and this was a very special mark off, too, because I was able to share it with the Superhero, his Dad, and my Dad.

Even if it was super cold, we had a great time!

What are you thankful for today?

4 Comments on “Music City Bowl

  1. Go ACC! Sorry you saw KY lose but my ACC team pulled it off this year!

    • You know it was just nice to watch a game where I wasn’t emotionally invested in the outcome. I’ll be happy for you that the ACC won. 🙂

  2. LOVED the 20 million layers dad wore. Glad you guys had a great/cold time. I felt like I was there through your tweets.

    • Yes, he did wear a lot of layers. I bet if you weighed the four of us we had on at least 50 pounds of clothes!

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