‘Tis the Season! – Candy Canes

This week’s set of posts are devoted to Christmas Traditions.

Today I’m thankful for the opportunity to watch a Christmas tradition:  Passing out of the candy canes.


The Candy Cane Man

My Dad each year hands out candy canes to the sales clerks while Christmas shopping.  This is such a heartwarming tradition and it is always fun to watch Dad give the clerk the candy cane and then see their reaction.  The best reactions are always from Starbucks employees.  They typically are touched and eat their candy canes right away!  The worst are from Bath & Body Works employees and calendar store employees, they normally just set it aside and barely acknowledge the gift….maybe that says something about each company’s hiring practices?

Regardless, this is a study in human nature and someone should really make a documentary out of this because the reactions are priceless!  This also makes me remember to slow down and not take for granted the gifts in life, like being able to shop with someone who hands out candy canes.

PS-My Sister is going shopping with my Dad today and I’m hoping she’ll blog about this tradition, too, she can tell story much better than I have!

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