Beautiful Mess: The Story of Diamond Rio By Diamond Rio

I confess, I’m a huge Diamond Rio fan…..of their music, not of this book, necessarily.

Listening to their music reminds of being in high school (yes, I just dated myself).  Of a simpler time when having a bad hair day was the worst thing that happened.

If you are curious why Diamond Rio seemed to fade out of the limelight, check out their book, Beautiful Mess:  The Story of Diamond Rio, which tells their story (in-depth).

The book starts with a disaster, the band is signing and their lead singer, Marty Roe, is having a bad night and the band is embarrassed.  After a chapter on the band members and the band’s struggle to make it big, Diamond Rio’s book finally shines and finally tells the readers why Marty was having such a terrible time singing in the first chapter.

Highlighting the band’s charity work, including the Team Rio, the book finally gives the readers a reason for cheering on the band (and finishing the rest of the book!).

Half the chapters were devoted to the individual band members, ironic since their music is so harmonious, but their lives were not.  As a lover of non-fiction, I enjoy recommending non-fiction to fiction readers; however, this was a dry non-fiction book and not an easy read.

Overall, the book was ok, I’d give it 2 out of 5 stars.

3 Comments on “Beautiful Mess: The Story of Diamond Rio By Diamond Rio

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  2. I am also a huge diamond rio fan. “What a beautiful mess” is mine and David’s song. We have seen them in concert about 3-4 times and I even saved a guitar pick from a show. I should give this book a try.

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