My Crazy Sleeping Bug

Bug has nightly parties in her crib.  Yes, she’s 19 months old and still in a crib, but she’s happy there and we’ve not moved her yet…but we’re talking about it.  

This was on of the funniest ways I’ve found her in her crib.  I stood at her door and watched her, ever so often she’d raise her legs, then put them back down again.  Super cute.  Thankfully she’s 19 months and not 30+ …. because there’s now way I could have functioned after sleeping like that for a few hours!

2 thoughts on “My Crazy Sleeping Bug

  1. That’s too funny! If Ella naps on the couch and her arm hangs off then she will randomly wake up yelling “Wake up!” at her arm. Yes, she’s learning that the weird feeling is her arm “sleeping” so she tells it to wake up until it stops.

    By the way, Ella will be 4 on Saturday and she is still in her crib. We have a 3-in-1 and could change it to a Toddler bed but it would be the same size it is now (which is plenty of room for her) it just wouldn’t have the front rail. And she’s never tried to climb out and never complained. And the “crib” stage of our bed is actually designed up to age 6. However, we are planning to change it very soon.

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