My (Unforunate) Theme Song This Week

This week starts my new “day job” schedule, working a 30 hour work-week.  Which should allow me to complete several overdue tasks, but unfortunately, I just squeeze more into the time away from my desk.  My to-do list has runneth over – can I declare to-do bankruptcy? 

Next week the regular “Thankful” posts will continue. 


2 Comments on “My (Unforunate) Theme Song This Week

  1. Thanks for the reminder that we all get caught up in things that are superfluous at best, and damaging at worse. Setting our priorities is something that falls by the way, unfortunately, in the pursuit of that “next to do.” You are marvelous and willl find your way, of that I have no doubt! Looking forward to the thankful posts.

  2. I heard that the other day and was reminded to slow down a bit… but then I remember something I neglected to do at work and was even more rushed…. sigh – 5 more hours a day would be great right?
    love you sis.

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