Thankful: Shamless Kid Promotion

This week’s set of thankful posts are centered around phrases that I say now that I’m a mom, that I’d never imagined I’d say. Hope you enjoy!

“Have you seen my sweet Amelia’s picture?”  Said to a man at work that I barely know.  Why because my sweet little one’s pictures are on Angela Crutcher’s blog .  Saying things like this amaze me because my during my pre-mom years I would look at kids photos and think “oh they look like kids.”   Thankfully now when I look at other people’s kid pictures I truly do mean they are beautiful, because aren’t we all a child of God? And how can you not know that there is a God when you look into the eyes of a child.   

One thought on “Thankful: Shamless Kid Promotion

  1. Thankful for “shameless kid” promoters! Bug is gorgeous, how could you not promote her? BTW, I promote my kids all the time – what with talented children and all, how could I not?

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