Product Review – Jogging Stroller: Schwinn Safari TT Swivel Jogging Stroller (Blue/Black)

Several months ago I posted that I had purchased a jogging stroller and I had started running with said jogging stroller. Thought I’d follow up with a product review now that I’ve ran a few races and used the stroller for six plus months.
Here’s what I like and don’t like about the jogging stroller:
LIKE: Fairly easy to clean. The jogging stroller is easy to clean. It would be nice if all the material came off to clean, but then it probably wouldn’t be as sturdy. There’s give and take for every feature.
LIKE: Locking front wheel. I didn’t know what this meant (locking front wheel) until I ran my 3rd race and my stroller was shimming and felt like it needed an alignment. As I passed a fellow racer, he called out to me “You should lock that front wheel in place, you could go faster!” Well duh, he was right! So you won’t make the same mistake I did, the locking the front wheel should be done when you are jogging/running with the stroller. The front wheel should be unlocked when walking with the stroller. The unlocked front wheel give you much more freedom to make easier turns.
DON’T LIKE: Cup holder caddy. After about a month of using the stroller the cup holder caddy fell off and now doesn’t stay in place, so it ended up in the garbage. Not a huge issue for me because I rarely use the jogging stroller in a manner that a cup would sit well. This would be a nice feature if I used it for walking more.
LIKE: Under carriage space. This stroller has a nice under carriage space. I’ve crammed diapers, changing mat, etc. in this space and it holds a lot and doesn’t affect the use of the stroller. In a smaller stroller that I use for walking there is a limit that you can put in the under carriage space before it bulges out acts like a brake against the wheels.
LIKE: Easy to collapse and store. Ease of collapsing and storage was not a factor I considered when I researched jogging strollers, I’ll say I got lucky on this one. This stroller is easy to collapse and store. I have a small SUV and once the stroller is folded, it fits nicely in the cargo area of my vehicle.
There’s several other features that I like about this jogging stroller, such as the 5 point harness, the ease that you can adjust the incline of the seat and how comfortable my little is when she’s riding in it (she falls asleep almost every jog!).
I’d give this 4 out of 5 stars.
If you have a different jogging stroller I’d love to hear from you and your review of your jogging stroller. Please add a comment with your review or a link to your blog with your review. Or if you have the same stroller, let me know if you agree with my review!

2 thoughts on “Product Review – Jogging Stroller: Schwinn Safari TT Swivel Jogging Stroller (Blue/Black)

  1. I finally saw someone using a jogging stroller the other day. A man was running down your Dad's street using the jogging stroller. Deidre and I loved the look, but worried a bit cause' he didn't hold on to the stroller all the time – is that common? I was worried the stroller would go all oopsy!

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