If you read my last post, you saw that I was trying to make an effort to multi-task less. I believe I’m succeeding – but my blog posting is suffering. My blog reading is suffering, for that matter, too! Previously as a multi-tasker I’d start a blog posting, do 15 other things, then finish up my blog posting hours or days later. Now that I’m making an effort to not multi-task, I’m actually starting and will finish this post uninterrupted; however, that might mean that you get a boring blog post!

Anyway, so what’s the Brown Family been up to lately? Big news is that we are headed to the Nashville Zoo today. A little less than a month ago, see my friend’s Kristin’s blog posting about our trip, we went, but we were missing one member of the Brown Family – the Superhero (he was out of town). The three of us will make a trek over there tomorrow. Hopefully, my disappearing camera (can’t find my camera – I know it’s somewhere around my house or in my car) will magically appear and I’ll have a couple of pictures to share with you.

One thought on “Well?

  1. A trip to the zoo, how wonderful. I remember taking you girls and all the fun we had. Have a marvelous time and I hope you find the camera. Bug will be too excited!

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