Typically when I pick up Ms. Bug I get a report that is something like this:

“Oh, Amelia has just played so well with all the kids today.”
“Amelia ate some grass on the playground today, we tried to keep her from it but she’s just so quick” -Yeah, we know she likes rocks for breakfast
“Amelia shared really well today”

You get the picture. Typically daycare stuff.

Yesterday, when I picked her up the report was this:

“Amelia has been my little mover today! She’s moved everything that wasn’t nailed down.”

This is pretty comical considering my Mom can’t leave anything in it’s rightful place for longer than a month, her hobby is re-arranging furniture. It’s a running joke in my family that she’s kill Helen Keller. Me, not so much, I’m pretty happy with the way things are and very rarely rearrange my furniture. I guess Amelia (aka – Ms. Bug) received the re-arranging gene!

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