A few times recently, Ms. Bug’s personality has really started to shine, most times in a really great way and a few times in a very surprising way. This morning was one of those surprising ways.

I had just finished giving her her breathing treatment (which makes her a little aggitated) and then she was walking around our bathroom while me and the Superhero were getting ready for work. Bug goes for the cabinets (which are child proofed, but that little kid’s arms are skinny and she’s figured out how to get stuff out of them) and I tell her “no” and I block her from getting to them at which time she looks up at me and says in a very non-sweet Bug voice, “BYE, BYE, Go, BYE, BYE“.

I kinda thought it was funny and thinking to myself, “oh, she’s not having any fun and is ready to go to school.” Then I get to work and was re-telling this story to which a friend of mine told me that she wasn’t wanting to go, she was wanting YOU to go! 😦

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