Random Morning

I had one of those crazy mornings. I did the “daycare drop off” so I could talk to Amelia’s teacher about her 4th bite from the same chick. Yes, an infant become a “chick” in my book when she bites my daughter multiple times. On bites 1-3 I was very understanding, but 4, come on, really?

The conversation went well, although I’m not sure what I was hoping for an outcome, maybe just to let the teacher know that I was concerned.

The interstate that I currently travel was closed due to a wreck [very bad wreck, caused by a drunk driver], so I had to meander my way to work differently than my normal trek. Since I was running behind I decided to stop by Starbucks, I mean I was already late, so what was another 10 minutes.

I hopped out of my car at the ‘bucks with wallet in hand to order my drink and realize that there was not a debit nor credit card in my wallet – they were in my car, thankfully my sister (the mayor of Starbucks) was there and bought my Grande Soy Chai (thanks sis!). If you’ve not been in Starbucks with my sis, it’s a real adventure. She knows everyone there, the workers, the people coming in, really it’s an adventure!

With a large bottle of water and a Grande Soy Chai + lots of traffic, you can probably see where this is going. Yes, I had a problem. Plus throw in being very, very late for work, 90 minutes to be exact and with parking at a premium, let’s just say that the next 20 minutes were pure comedy for anyone watching.

I decided I’d treat myself for “pay parking”. Typically, I park in a free lot provided by work that is 3 blocks from where I work. This lot is open if you arrive before 7:30am, it was 8:30am so obviously there wasn’t going to be any open spots. The next available is 5 blocks and lovingly called the loser’s lot by my co-workers, not a great option if you’ve drank your large bottle of water and a Grande Soy Chai. Also, let’s throw in here that I typically don’t consume caffeine, so I’m a little jittery in the process.

Back to the “pay parking”, well it’s full, nice huh? And all the other “pay parking” lots close to work are full. So I drive to a meter, thinking that might be an option since I have to leave at lunch and attend a lunch time “lunch and learn” meeting away from downtown. I find a meter relatively close, hop out with coinage in hand, put in a quarter and realize that it’s only for 60 minutes. Okay, I think to myself, let’s see if we can find another meter with a 90 minute limit, because I would only have to leave my desk once to feed the meter before leaving for my lunch meeting. Headed to find another meter, I find a 90 minute meter to realize that I didn’t have enough coins to pay for 90 minutes. So, I venture to the Loser Lot….it’s full! And it’s now almost 9am. I find a parking spot in the scary part of town, seriously not a great part, but I lock my car (thinking that if I hit my clicker 3 times that triple locks it) and venture into work. You can probably guess that I did the craziest run walk into the building because I’ve still have the caffeine drink and LARGE bottle of water in my system.

Morale of the story – Who knows. But I thought you’d enjoy my random morning adventure.

2 thoughts on “Random Morning

  1. hahahahahaha! love it and your random twitterings on the way in. You were one of those speed walkers weren’t ya?
    the mayor of starbucks

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