11 Months Old Today

I’ve thougth about this post several times and watned to post a picture from her 11 months, so here we go!

Month Zero (March): Here’s my baby girl on the day she was born. This picture tickles me, because I’m holding her and probably crying because she was the most beautiful angel I had ever seen (and still is and will always be).

Month 1: Almost a month old in this picture, this is still my favorite way to nap with her…but she’s a LOT bigger now. In this picture she was about 6 pounds.

Month 2 (May): Another napping picture, this my favorite pictures of the Superhero and Bug:

Month 3: Bug and I used this sling for several months and still use it from time to time, it’s not as comfortable now as it was then, but it was a LIFESAVER when I was on maternity leave. I’d load her up in the mornings and do housework while she slept. I was so afriad to leave her in her crib or in her pack ‘n play for fear that she’d disappear!

Month 4 (July): This is the most precious picture in my photo album. Grandpa Adam loved Bug more than anything, I was so pleased to capture this moment. I really like how the light illuminates Bug, because I believe that she was a little piece of light in his life.

Month 5: This is Amelia’s first football game picture. Although the season wasn’t so great, it was fun to dress up Bug in her favorite color (yes, she told me that her favorite color is the same as mine!)

Month 6 (September): This is my favorite milestone picture to date, Amelia sits up! Little did I know that soon to follow would be crawling, fast!

Month 7 (October): This is Bug reading her “book” in the car. Very studious already.

Month 8 (November): Amelia is checking out the other kids at Cookies with Santa, while sitting with her favorite Saturday adventure buddy (my dad).

Month 9 (December): Ring, ring, the phone is for you! 🙂

Month 10 (January): Bug LOVES cheerios. Here she is enjoying a delicous snack of cheerios.

Month 11 (February): This is Bug in her very cute outfit for picture day at school. She is wearing an Old Navy dress with polka dot tights (yes I know, don’t you wish you had polka dot tight!). I love this picture because this is how we spend most evenings at home, playing in the floor. And this is very true to life…you can’t get Bug to be still to get a good picture of her!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this walk through Amelia’s first 11 months.

3 thoughts on “11 Months Old Today

  1. i love this post. although if there were a pic of me with bug it would have to be when she is crying… haha

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