Where’s the Blog?

Do you remember the commercial “Where’s the beef?”  I kinda feel like that as I type this blog entry….”Where’s the Blog?”  I feel very blessed that a few people have even noticed that I have not updated my blog in a few days and really there’s not a good excuse.  A pet peeve of mine is people saying, I don’t have time, because we all have the same 24 hours in a day, we just choose to use ours differently and mine recently have been used “running” and staying on the go, really with a lot of fun personal stuff (hiking, visiting with family, etc.).  [getting off my soapbox now]

As I mentioned, I’ve been having LOTS  of fun.  Here’s a few pictures from my latest adventures.  

Thursday of last week, the day after National Signing Day, I had the pleasure of attending the UT Celebration Lunch.  Along with 499 other people, I got to have lunch with Lane Kiffin and UT Coaching Staff.  Here’s  a  cool picture of us.  
Saturday (1st Saturday of every month) the “Springfield Book Club” meets.  Ironically we met in Pleasant View, yeah, I know.  Cute huh?  This month we discussed Kite Runner.  A book that I would not have picked on my own to have read, but certainly glad I had the opportunity to read and participate in the lively discussion.  Next month’s book is The Last Lecture.  We’d love to have a few new members!  So please join us.  

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