Plan "B" and Bye Bye Reader’s Digest

Today was a Plan “B”kind of day.  My Dad and I had planned on going hiking while the Superhero watched Bug this morning, well Superhero had to work which meant that Plan “B” was enacted.

Plan “B” turned into a great breakfast at a local hometown restaurant, a trip to REI and some just general hanging out.  Once the Superhero got off from work, we decided that it be cool if my Dad watched Bug (because she was just being an angel, as usual), while Superhero and I went to the gun range and got some target practice.  Grandpa watched Bug and they had a GREAT time, until she decided to eat the Reader’s Digest.  Seems that Dad answered the phone and that was all it took for Bug to grab his Reader’s Digest and chomp down on some pages.  Bug really likes her Granddad until he has to put his hands in her mouth to retrieve paper she is trying to eat.  😉

2 thoughts on “Plan "B" and Bye Bye Reader’s Digest

  1. So what you’re saying is that Bug tried to digest the Reader’s Digest? (for some reason I think I entertain myself more than I do others) 🙂

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