Bug got her tubes yesterday.  The day started out pretty well, up very, very early (we had to be at the surgery center at 6:30am).  All in all the procedure went very well, the only hiccup of the day was the doctor arriving an hour late for her procedure.  

Bug was an absolute angel waiting for the doctor to arrive and since she’s learned “bye, bye” (both the hand wave and saying it!) she showed off to anyone that walked by her (which of course the superhero and I thought was adorable).  
After the procedure (which took maybe 15 minutes) I got the “pleasure” of seeing a 10 month old baby trying to shake off anthesia, not fun.  Bug was so unbelievably cranking and crying, which we were told was good and very normal.  She basically cried the entire way home, but then after a nice nap she was all smiles and chatty.  

Plan "B" and Bye Bye Reader’s Digest

Today was a Plan “B”kind of day.  My Dad and I had planned on going hiking while the Superhero watched Bug this morning, well Superhero had to work which meant that Plan “B” was enacted.

Plan “B” turned into a great breakfast at a local hometown restaurant, a trip to REI and some just general hanging out.  Once the Superhero got off from work, we decided that it be cool if my Dad watched Bug (because she was just being an angel, as usual), while Superhero and I went to the gun range and got some target practice.  Grandpa watched Bug and they had a GREAT time, until she decided to eat the Reader’s Digest.  Seems that Dad answered the phone and that was all it took for Bug to grab his Reader’s Digest and chomp down on some pages.  Bug really likes her Granddad until he has to put his hands in her mouth to retrieve paper she is trying to eat.  😉

9 Years Ago Today

Nine years ago today it was snowing like crazy, I was a nervous wreck, my step-dad was setting up camera equipment, my little papaw was cooking like crazy, my little daddy was pacing the floor and probably didn’t sleep the night before and I had no idea what marriage meant.  

In case you didn’t know or couldn’t guess, today is mine and the Superhero’s 9th wedding anniversary.  According to year 9’s traditional gift is Willow or Pottery or a more modern gift would be leather (hmm, I’ve been wanting a new leather sofa).  We will be celebrating in a few weeks by going to see the University of Tennessee Men play basketball, yeah I know a weird present.  
I’m not sure I still know what marriage means, but I think we’ve done pretty good so far.  

Superhero, here’s to many more wonderful years.  I love you.

Baby Dreams?

Do babies dream?  I think so, but I’m ignoring the converse of this, just so you know.  

When I check on Bug while she’s sleeping in her crib or napping, sometimes she is smiling or will smile when I check on her and I like to think that she is having “baby dreams”, which brings about the thought, “wonder why babies dream about?”  Here’s a list of items I’ve come up with that my baby dreams about:

  • Sweet bedtime stories read by the Superhero
  • Playing with her “laptop” and “remote”
  • A wonderful hike at Radnor Lake with her favorite two hikers (Mom and Grandfather)
  • Cheerios and peas for every meal
  • A place where she can crawl to her heart’s content
  • A room filled with shoes that she can chew without recourse

There’s a tooth!

This morning we discovered that Bug has a tooth that has broken through her gums!  This is a BIG milestone and one that is almost as exciting to me as when she learned how to sit up.  I’m not sure why this is such a big deal to me, but anyway, it’s here!


Miss Independent (Bug or Amelia) has decided that she would really not be fed anything, cereal, baby food, anything and would just prefer to feed herself, thank you very much.  So in retaliation I bought some Cheerios thinking that she likes “puffs” and might enjoy these, too.  Well, we have discovered that everyone in this house LOVES Cheerios.  Bug loves them and enjoys eating them and throwing them on the floor for Toes (the dog) to eat.  Toes has discovered that she loves any food that comes from the throne (Bug’s highchair).  Toes typically camps out under the throne until the food dropping begins and then she’s  better than a vacuum!  The Superhero and I have discovered that we like Cheerios, too!  So, I guess it’s our new favorite food of the moment.