Amelia’s 9 Month Check Up & Daily Voting Reminder!

Today was Bug’s 9 month check up, which also turned into a sick baby check up. Bug has ANOTHER double ear infection and this time we’re going the consecutive shot route to see if we can get this ear infection gone.

Here’s the stats:

  • Weight (you could only post weight for babies, I’m sure in 15 years or so Amelia will not appreciate me posting her weight for the blogging community to see!): 19.3 (57%)
  • Height: 27 inches (31%)
  • Head Circumference: 17 1/4 (45%)

We were also given the go ahead to introduce whole milk in a sippy cup in trade for one bottle a day! Bug is growing up so quickly.

Daily voting reminder: Please go to and post a comment after the 20 pictures for #1, which is Bug’s 3 week old picture. THANK YOU to those who have posted (especially those who have posted daily and inspired others to vote for my little Bug)! Remember you can vote once a day!

Here’s the countdown as of 6:53pm today:

  1. #14 with 101 votes
  2. #2 with 75 votes
  3. #1 (Amelia bug!!!) with 66 votes

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