Lions and Tigers and Stomach Virus, Oh My!

We have entered into a new world of parenting….the stomach virus phase.  

On Friday, my Amelia bug threw up (or baby spit up, which ever you prefer) on my dad, we thought it was kinda cute, until Friday night.  Oh Friday night there was lots of…well let’s just say “messy” diapers.  Saturday followed Friday, with more of the same and a call to the pedtrician who advised that it could last for a few more days.  Needless to say, we spent a weekend changing a lot of diapers (Sunday included).  
I’ll have to hand it to Amelia, threw it all she was just as happy as you could ever ask for a baby to be!  The only challenge was that several times it took both me and the super hero (Robert) to change her diaper (I’ve since gotten wiser and now use the strap on the changing mat to keep her from turning over while changing her diaper).  
All is well in our house now!

2 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Stomach Virus, Oh My!

  1. Unfortunately this was probably only the first of many “virus” situations, but you know what… you were fantastic! Amelia is a very lucky little girl.

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