Month: September 2008

6 Month Checkup

Amelia had her six month check up today…I really think these are harder on the parents than on the child. Amelia did great! Here’s her stats: 17lb 1oz, which is in the 73% for her age 25 inches, 24% 16 3/4 inches 48% Doctor…

Happy 6 Month Birthday

Happy 1/2 Birthday Amelia! But can we have a do over? Today has not been the day that I had dreamed Amelia’s 1/2 Birthday would be. First, we all (yes, even Toes the dog) woke up cranky and sick this morning. Amelia was snotty,…

New Toy

Amelia and I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new backpack, the Deuter Kid Comfort II, ordered from REI. It arrived on Saturday, we tested it out on Saturday by walking to the mail box (I have a long driveway), then had…

Great day … despite the UT loss

Today was a special today, I got a facial and a massage with a dear friend and had a nice lunch out.  Robert and Amelia had a nice morning together, too.  The highlight of the day was picking up my new backpack at REI…

Hello World!

Originally uploaded by browndonita I love this picture of Amelia. She can look at you and express such a message without saying a word. She is already a soulful little person and such a happy baby.


Tonight sitting in church Amelia smiled at me very big, then “whack!” she banged her head against my nose.  First thing I did was make sure that she was okay, she was, then I checked to make sure my nose wasn’t bleeding, it wasn’t….

The way a UT game should be watched

Amelia (finally) got to see her first UT win this weekend.  Thankfully the game was easy to watch, or nap through as the case was here.  Glad that it was a napping game and not a nail biter.