Mt. LeConte

This week was our annual Mt. LeConte trip. This is a very special trip, where about 15 friends hike up the mountain, stay over night and then hike down. Amelia and I opted to let Robert go without us this year and we decided to invite a friend of ours (Kristin) and her daughter (Avery) to Gatlinburg to hang out with us while the group hiked. We had a great time, but also realized that traveling with an infant can be challenging at times!

Enjoy the pictures!

Amelia and Avery riding in their car seats. Avery gets the “good rider award”, she rode beautifully. Amelia was good but was very ready to be out of the car after a couple of hours.

Here’s a picture, courtesy of Naomi, of one of the cabins on top of Mt. LeConte.

While the crew hiked up Mt. LeConte the girls hiked up Laurel Falls. The hike was beautiful. We also got to eat pancakes in Gatlinburg and shop around downtown. We had a GREAT time!

One thought on “Mt. LeConte

  1. I am so proud of you two for surviving a big outing with the little ones. Dom and I are already planning on next year. yay. love the pics also, Amelia looks like a great mixture of you both.

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